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Welcome to Thekwini Occupational Services

Looking after the health of your employees is not only a legal and moral responsibility, it also makes sense financially. Reducing the cost of absence through sickness and ensuring your workforce is operating at peak efficiency.

Benefits of Occupational health:

To the Employer To the Employee
A well-managed health and safety programme A safe and healthy work environment
A positive and caring image Enhanced self-esteem
Improved staff morale Reduced stress
Reduced staff turnover Improved morale
Reduced absenteeism Increased job satisfaction
Increased productivity Increased skills for health protection
Reduced health care Improved health
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of well-being

We are currently based in KZN and provide a new standard of service into the Occupational health industry. We delight in finding solutions to your organisation by reducing health-related risks, improving attendance levels and enhancing employee wellbeing, we offer a fully equipped mobile medical unit that can be brought to your premises/site for convenience.
  • Our Vision is to improve employee & worker environments providing professional unmatched quality!
  • Our Values are honesty and Righteousness.

Our Services

Spirometry Vision Screening
We provide hearing assessments which looks at previous occupations and noise exposure, together with an orthoscopic examination of the ear. The test results will be explained to the employee and will be followed by a report form for your records. Our audio booth is highest quality which complies with SANS and ISO standards for acoustic dampening and fire retardation in our Mobile Screening Unit. We will produce a calibration certificate to assure you get accurate results every time! We offer a simple but accurate lung function test which will provide us with individual results and is compared to the predicted result for a person of a similar age, height, sex and ethnicity. The employee fills in a questionnaire about symptoms and occupational exposure to potentially hazardous substances. Results can be used for pre-assignment examinations, monitoring or screening of employees for effects of exposures. An employee's performance is closely linked to his ability to see his Work clearly. Through Vision Screening we can assess whether or not your employees have adequate vision for the job at hand. Our screening procedure will pass or fail employees in regard to pre-set guidelines.


Drug & Alcohol testing

Driving Medicals
Early signs of many serious illnesses can be picked up, and life-style changes can be adopted which in many cases mean the medical risk is mitigated or negated. We provide companies with a comprehensive independent and non-discriminatory substance abuse package. Drug Urine testing may indicate the use of drugs by an employee before their commencement or recommencement of work. Employers can identify those employees who are at risk of being impaired at work because of their drug use and who are potential hazards in the workplace. A combination of tests are carried out to ensure safer drivers therefore minimising death and injury, damages to vehicles, running costs and missed deadlines.

Hand Arm Vibration

Chest X-Rays

Health Surveillance
A short questionnaire to assess employees exposed to vibration risks. This will help your company keep costs to a minimum by avoiding long term absenteeism. We check for damage to the lungs especially required when in contact with toxic chemicals and asbestos.

Periodically monitoring employees for the early signs of work-related ill health when exposed to high risks environments. Early preventative measures should be taken to ensure the wellness of your employees is maintained.